Carbon Steel Fabrication

We have a large inventory of Carbon Plate products that range from 3/16” to 1.000” in thickness and different grades that includes mild steel, 50 W, 44 W, and AR 500 and Armour plate.

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Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum offers excellent corrosion resistance properties which is a beneficial feature and the addition of pre-painted or anodized finishes provide extreme durability indoors as well as outdoors.

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

We at Metaline manufacture an extensive range of stainless steel products with a comprehensive range of fittings, welding consumable, and flanges. All the stainless products are available in different grades, surface finished and dimensions.

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Galvanized Steel Fabrication

Metaline offers a comprehensive range of galvanized sheets to domestic as well as international markets. Galvanized sheets are available in a variety of width, length and thickness and different dimension that fit the requirements of the customers.

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Cold Rolled Steel Fabrication

At Metaline we offer cold rolled sheets that are used in different applications like an exposed painted part or application which has tight tolerance on gauge restrictions.

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Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel Fabrication

At our company we offer different types of gauges, size, and grades of hot rolled / picked and oiled sheets that will meet all your metal fabrication needs.

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Metaline produces high quality fabricated metal items to clients for quite a few years. The assortment of fabricated metal elements we make depends on the requirements of our customers. This way we are capable of remaining connected with multiple industries and maintain diversity.
We offer metal fabrication service by using top grade technology. With new technology we try to evaluate and attain equipment which will complement the present equipment and assist in streamlining the workflow. The result will speak for itself as customers can get quality products. From carbon plate products to a variety of hot rolled/pickled and oiled sheets that will suit all your requirements.

Customers can also get cold rolled sheets at Metaline which are used in different applications. You can also get galvanized steel which are used for different applications and the main reason for using it is for preventing corrosion. Stainless steel products are available in different shapes like plate and sheet. It is produced with low carbon content that makes it an ideal corrosion resistant product. Customers can also get aluminum that comes with various properties which is used extensively in various applications.

The fabricated metal products that we supply are utilized throughout numerous industries. We understand the strategic growth and train our staff for metal fabrication so that we are capable of manufacturing fabricated metal products for many more years in the future. At our company we focus on handling all fabricated metal parts in the most flawless and professional way possible. This offers the customers the liberty to concentrate on the core competencies and focusing on growth.