Metaline installed one of the largest press brakes in Canada

bending machine

Metaline employs one of the largest press brakes in Canada – specifically its 2013 Bystronic Xpert 4-axis 600 ton, as well as other metal fabrication equipment. Thanks to the Xpert’s use of cutting-edge pressure reference technology with fully automatic dynamic crowning, Metaline achieves flawless bending results, with the highest repetition accuracy in the present market.

As one of the most diverse metal fabrication companies in Canada, Metaline is proud to use the largest and fastest metal fabrication machines in the country. Ongoing equipment upgrade allow us to offer the highest level of service to our clients. With our highly trained personnel and the finest multi-axis machines in the industry, we are able to meet all requirements for CNC laser cutting and press brake forming at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority at Metaline, and thus, we are continuously looking for improvements and investing in new technologies.