Canadian Metalworking Magazine about Metaline

The line-up of luxury cars, including BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillacs, Range Rovers and Hummers—regular and stretch versions—are what you’d expect to see along a red carpet in Beverly Hills, not inside an industrial space in North Toronto. But it’s in this space, where these vehicles are either stretched and customized or armour clad (or both), that an upstart metal fabricating business with high aspirations of its own is equipping itself to become a major player in the fabricating business. Launched at end of 2012, Metaline is a division of the INKAS group of companies, a privately-held Canadian business specializing in security and protection ser-vices. The Metaline division was started up to fabricate sheet metal parts for other divisions of the INKAS group, which include the manufacturing of armoured vehicles, limousines and safes.

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Award presentation

The Company Won A Prestigious 2014 Ontario Export Award

We are honoured to announce that the company has received the 2014 Ontario Export Award in the transportation category. We are proud to be recognized for the contribution the company made to both the provincial and national economy. The company is planning to further grow business and increase production capacity in Canada.

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bending machine

Metaline installed one of the largest press brakes in Canada

Metaline employs one of the largest press brakes in Canada – specifically its 2013 Bystronic Xpert 4-axis 600 ton, as well as other metal fabrication equipment. Thanks to the Xpert’s use of cutting-edge pressure reference technology with fully automatic dynamic crowning, Metaline achieves flawless bending results, with the highest repetition accuracy in the present market.

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