Automotive Precision in Automotive Metalwork

Explore our solutions for the automotive industry with our precision metal work – where every project reflects quality and innovation for your driving needs.

Heavy duty aluminum hinge

Initially designed for heavy-duty vehicles, this versatile component serves multiple purposes, finding applications not only within the automotive sector but also in aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and any industry involving moving machinery components. The design of this hinge type was conceived by Metaline engineers and is manufactured within our own fabrication facility.

Multipurpose metal emblem

This stainless steel emblem, originally intended for outdoor vehicle applications, possesses the versatility to enhance the branding of various products. In the accompanying image, you can observe three key stages of the product’s creation: the initial raw material after cutting, the polished steel emblem, and the finished product when applied to an external metal surface.

Door frame axle

This axle serves a pivotal role in not only the automotive industry but also in agriculture, construction, and military machinery. It is meticulously crafted through the milling process, carving the entire component from a solid block of aluminum.

Heavy duty mounting bracket

The 4140 alloy is a robust metal ideal for demanding, heavy-duty applications. These mounting brackets have been specifically designed and expertly fabricated to cater to the customization needs of heavy trucks, including armored vehicles and overweight cash-in-transit trucks.

Mounting Base

This mounting base serves as an integral component within a more intricate structure, finding applications in automotive door lock mechanisms and cabinetry. It has been meticulously designed, fabricated, and assembled within the Metaline facility.

Custom Motorcycle part

This floorboard, designed for motorcycle customization and tuning, is versatile and adaptable to various motorcycle types and models. It also offers the option for customizable engraving, adding a personal touch to your ride.