Introducing Metaline’s Newest Addition: The Breton Eagle 5-Axis Milling Machine

We are thrilled to announce Metaline’s latest acquisition, the state-of-the-art Breton Eagle 5-Axis Center, the largest milling system in all of Canada (as of 2018).

This cutting-edge machining center boasts impressive specifications and capabilities:

  • High-speed 28000 RPM HSK-A 63 Spindle, delivering 49 HP (37kw) of power.
  • Equipped with through-spindle coolant for optimal performance.
  • Massive work envelope measuring 236.2” X 157.4” X 59” (6000mm X 4000mm X 1500mm).
  • Versatile for both dry and wet machining operations.
  • Milling materials: aluminum, carbon fiber, epoxies, foams, composites and plastics

Complementing our arsenal are additional milling machines, including the HAAS VF-5SS 4 Axis and HAAS ST-20. With this impressive lineup, we can efficiently handle large volumes of metal milling projects, catering to various specifications and ensuring lightning-fast turnaround times.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a quote on our top-notch milling services. Your precision needs, our expertise.