Metaline Started Offering Design & Engineering Services

metal fabrication engineer

Are you in need of a trusted partner to bring your CNC projects to life? Look no further!

In response to the demands of our valued customers, Metaline is excited to introduce our new service offering. In addition to our core CNC machining and labor services, we are now providing design and engineering support to help you create 2D and 3D sketches as well as CAD production files.

Our key engineering services include:

  • Full Dimensional Drawings: We provide comprehensive and precise technical illustrations, including detailed instructions for machining parts or components. These drawings cover measurements, shapes, dimensions, tolerances, materials, toolpaths, and all the information needed for CNC machines to produce your desired units accurately.
  • CAD Module Creation and Updates: Our engineers are skilled in designing and modifying 2D or 3D digital models for use with Metaline’s CNC machinery CAM software or other shop machines.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: We can create and manage your BOM, which includes part numbers, descriptions, quantities, material and dimension details, tolerances, sourcing information, labor instructions for in-house or external assembly, revision history, and change tracking.

All our engineering services encompass design consultations, product planning, optional prototyping, detailed CAD/CAM design, and rigorous quality control measures to ensure precise specification delivery.

Partner with us today, and let us transform your concept into a fully realized CNC manufacturing project. Your vision, our expertise!